That's when I come home

This is what I bought this Tuesday, and by the end of the day this is what the fabric had turned in to
I've done more to it now but I haven't got any pics yet! 
better get to it, it needs to be done tomorrow! 


Like my makeup in a mess

Yesterdays outfit, took a trip in to town to buy some fabrics (fabricae) and a pair of shoes 70 % off mohahaha, I'll show you guys later, so now my outfit for new years eve is about done.. when i finish sewing that is. I better get to it!

Inside the outsider

Some pics from the 24:th
didn't feel like taking more serious outfit pictures then in the mirror, a bit ashamed of that, but what can you do, our Christmas tree and presents, some of them had already been opened when I took this pic. My dad wearing the shirt I made for him, I always feel proud when that happens!
and the food, think I ate the same food three days after that.. Swedes have the worst imagination when it comes to holiday food, it's the same for all of them...
more pics are to come!


Simply having a wonderful christmas time

Merry Christmas!
I kinda forgot to switch the name.. but now it's done!
been busy "hanging out" with my family, (translate; watching TV.) 
gonna show my first half of Christmas presents later on, maybe even this evening!


Santa's little wanker

2 days left before x-mas! 
and 1 day until I'm switching name to fabricae.blogspot.com
got to go!


It's the hardest one to focus

2 lessons in school, and 2 completely unnecessary once to..
same thing on the agenda for tomorrow, and on Thursday we're having coffee.. Then I'm free!