Skating, Skiing and Doctor Who

So last Friday I went ice skating with Annika in central Stockholm, since she studied photography in upper secondary school, she got to decide the angle that we took the photos from, very precise in that aswell, but of course I can't stand still long enough for them to turn out any good. Im currently blogging from waaay up north, gonna go skiing tomorrow, but not today though, probably gonna watch Doctor Who later, freaking love that show, it's bloody awesome!



It's been along time since my last outfit post, but here's one from today, can you believe it! isn't that something, so today i tried to do some christmas shopping, don't need to buy that many presents though, which is good cause it didn't go that well.., But anyway, I wore a moms old jeans and then the polo I did earlier this autumn, and then the belt I bought last friday, the shoes are from zara, I also had on my coat from Urban Outfitters 


Feeling fresh feeling fine

Bought a belt, (excuse my dirty room)
got a well needed haircut, aah i love that feeling even if it pains me to cut it, it feels so fresh 
and then a random picture of the little christmas bow I've got over my bed


The cultural granny jacket

so yesterday I bought this suede and leather jacket at a thrift shop (start singing macklemore)
It's super soft and I'm very pleased even though I have too many jackets, I can't even remember half of them.. I also realised yesterday that my style is something similar to a fabulous homeless (that rimes in swedish)

Christmas all around me

So this is how my room is looking right now, I'm not done decorating it yet though, gonna buy a tiny little christmas tree, but as far as this goes I'm very pleased, I have also painted my nails a bit festive inspirited with glitter polish and it makes me happy just looking at it!