Are you gonna be something else I'm gonna have to survive

Thursdays outfit looked just like this! I got a new haircut Wednesday afternoon, the idiot hairdresser did not do it right,  I showed her a f*ing picture of exactly how I wanted it yet she messed it up!
great isn't it!

Heart beats fast

Tuesday I went almost all black
had design i school and did this 
among other things 

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall

wore this first day of the week, 
I have been really stressed out and way to tired to do any blogging
my apologies!


He can taste it now

Wednesday I wore this, and later that night mom drove me in to town and I started camping with my friend waiting for vip tickets to the twilight fan event next friday here in stockholm... this morning at 07:00 they started giving them out, at 07:03 I had the tickets in my hand! ha ha ha I'm such a nerd!


You might have your reasons

wtf... bad pictures again?! well the outfit for today (tuesday)
wore moms old shirt, I thought it was red, but it turned out to be pink ( I hope you're taking notes.) 
time for bed, I won't get any sleep Thursday night.. and Friday it's time for photos in school
I am going to be fab. everyone is going to wonder what a homeless person (that would be me) is doing in the picture.

Your my river

yesterday, I really have nothing to tell you, I studied most of the afternoon, I have my 1:st (!!) test for this semester on Monday... then another on Wednesday, so the update is going to really suck for a while!

p.s the pics suck, I know.. i needed to pee.


Happinessis a journey, not a destination

started my day with a cappuccino a good ol' breakfast while I did some sketching, today I also got that sudden urge to take pictures, that I never really follow though on.. and then two pics from this afternoon, my dad in his new shirt, isn't he handsome ha ha!

No sound but the wind

and here we go, the cozy outfit for today! 
celebrated my little cousin today, he turns 9 on Thursday,
did some business with my other cousin also, my dad wore the shirt I gave him, and he wanted one to, I just need to decide how much I should charge him for it.. Any ideas? 

I'm back where I started at

peek a boo!
I'm really in a hurry but I'm looking something like this today!
have a good one!

we heart it dot com

went to a hockey game yesterday with my dad and sister, wore this while I was screaming "EYY"
it's hard not getting caught up in the game with all that testosterone in the air, ha ha


Come together and join the parade

some pics from today! first two of todays outfit, the shirt I'm working on right now ( it's got sleeves now). 
and last but not least, my gaaals! ;)
had a special day in school, the 1: graders got to go around in school and wisit the different departments, we got boooooored! so we did some dancing, taking pictures, did drawings of ourselves as animals.. I was a rabbit! well.. I thought you wanted to know, you know..

I know places we can go babe

wore my flannel shirt with a pair of leather shorts yesterday,
celebrated my dad, I Think he really liked the skirt I gave him, I'll show you how it looks, when I have some pics that is!


I don't give a damn bout my bad reputation

wore this in school yesterday, looks like I'm dancing in the third pic, and that is about what I did in school today, if you can call that dancing.. On tomorrows agenda is tailoring, "baby"sitting and celebrating my dads birthday! wo ho 


Even though youre the only one I see

Wore this in school today
I can't stop thinking about London! tomorrow it will be 5 weeks!
found out that I've lost one size around my waist but gained maybe two around my butt hahaha!


All the wrong I've done

my next project in school involves these, it gonna be legen... wait for it... DARY!
maybe not but it's going to be fabulous! he he he
I have the outfit for tomorrow all planned out so maybe, just maybe you'll get to see it BEFORE I go to school, but I¨'m not making any promises!

London calling

I haven't told you, but I'm going to LONDON in November with Matilda and IdaHo! It's only for 3 days but it's gonna be AWESOME! right now I'm in my bed, I have been all day and I'm not planning on leaving it anytime soon..

All the souls that would die just to feel alive

It's Friday, Friday, Fridays outfit!
I have a cold right now.. it sucks! I hate being sick!
so thats why I haven't been the best blogger lately..
well now you know!


Hello world I'm your wild girl

Since the rain was pouring down yesterday it wasn't easy to take the outfit pics
but I did it!
wore one of the thousands knitted sweatshirts my mom knitted..


Cause I can't dance

Mondays outfit, made cinnamon bagels and started planning how I'm gonna remake moms old fur jacket, 
right now I'm eating my breakfast but I should be getting ready so..