I know that you want it

a better pic on the portrait I did and since it's e break from school this week a pic of the typical outfit for me right now, sweats and a big cozy sweater, gonna go for a powerwalk now and on saturday it's my birthday! 
I'm turning 18!!!!! yeah! 


For it must rain before you get the rainbow

Been at my mom's house this whole week, and got back here to dad's yesterday, it's gonna take time getting used to not having him here at home or hearing him come running to greet me when I get home and all those other 1000 little things you don't even think of until there gone...



This is my baby boy,
I've been working on this portrait since this friday
I'm going to miss you baby boy, but never forget
or stop loving you. Thanks for 10 years of happiness and joy



Never let me go, never let me go

You think you'd prepared, but you never really will be
Love will build us up 
Love will tear us apart


Doors unlocked and open

Chocolate hearts and a cinnamon/vanilla bun, oh not to be overlooked pancakes with whipped cream and jam, those are my valentines day gifts, turns out I'm not so alone haha 
and of course, in a true valentines day spirit I dressed in all black, at least almost..
yellow socks barely counts!
time for bed and "To kill a mocking bird" the 15:th book I'm reading in the year of 2012 heheh

Forever alone day

Valentines day a.k.a Forever alone
super tired, but I'm getting ready for school anyway.
cya later terminate!


We're the queens of noice, come and get it boys

some pics of my week, sunshine, killer- (literally) heels, some of my looks along with my damned corset and biggest obsession of food right now, tons of homework, and thats about it.. 
I'm currently re-doing some garments I found at home, a leather skirt and a pair of trousers that I'm gonna turn into shorts


I cursed myself for being surprised, that this didn't play like it did in my mind.

Friday, tailoring in in the 2:nd pic you can see my corset in the background, it's starting to come together but I'm far from done.. been doing homework all day today, but it's the same with those, far from done
starting to understand how it is for those who chose a theoretical program... ugh


Portable television

Love how I can never "strike a pose"
looked like this today, moms old Mexx trousers and tee made by me last year in, (fabric from J.Lindeberg, woooWoo) my new obsession besides cottaged cheese is the band "death cab for cutie" sure I've heard some of their songs before but I started listening to some of them this weekend, now it's the only band I'm listening to

Stay young, Go dancing

Tuesday, wore heels that almost killed me.. on my way to school, but I do love my heels,
yesterday did not go as easy by as I had thought it would.. we kinda got really lost in the middle of nowhere, but we found our way back


Soul meets body

my assignment for school for today: Powerwalk!
so I'm gonna go and do that then I'm gonna go home again


I follow you into the dark

peek a boo
see those grocery bags under my eyes? well I'm really tired today... 
but now, time for schuuul, got to go!


Home is a fire

The rest of my outfit, doing my homework and in about an hour m yoga starts, I've done it once before and I really like, time to eat ( just so you know, I know it's suuuper interesting!)

Some boys don't know how to love

sneak peak of todays outfit, right now I'm brushing my teeth and listening to death cab for cutie, but I need to be going any minute now so I'll update later after school!



Right now the exact opposite of my headline is more correct in terms of the effing weather here in Sweden... It's freeeeezing, so this is not the outfit from today, it's fridays outfit 
been having 3 really crappy day's and the effing weather is not helping...


Quite interesting, but not really

the outfit for today, I finally got to wear my beloved trousers that I bought in London, 
to bad I've had the worst day in a long long time... Got close to tears because I was so frustrated, 
gonna go and get some exercise to get my mind off things