The body reveals its present, to cover for the soul that has fled

details from my project, its all coming together now, 
5 out of 9 completely done and I've started sewing on 2 new ones today, going in to go shopping for a zipper and a knitted ribbon tomorrow before I go skating with my sister and cousins. 



Found a bit of wonderful light in my oh so dark space

Had a lot of things done yesterday
did an exam, worked on my jeans, went to the embassy, had a half warm and half cold dinner
and went to the Topshop event, bought the top in the picture and another one


oh like I have the time to come up with a post title...

with only a month to go, time seems short
31 days left until my project is to be handed in and I've got 6 garments to finish, a photo shoot to take place, a rapport to be written and on top of that I've got to do all the preparations for India, and this thursday I'm going to the Indian embassy for some kind of dinner/presentation thingy. 
well I don't really have time for a daily update on the blog but I will try, after all we do have a week off from  school next week, and I will have a lot of time to work on my project so hopefully I will finish all of my garments rather quickly, oh wow I'm rambling


Nighttime wisdom

Oh the sun that shined so bright
only worrying about the monsters hidden in the darkness of night 
now the monsters are in my head
for sure I know, they were never underneath the bed
now the darkness consumes my thoughts,
life is not a happy mind 
oh how I wish I could leave it all behind


In the name of love unclear

Today, wore my most beloved knitted sweater,
worked on my project and now I am almost done with 3 out of 9 garments


Nothing Outside

Saturday the 6th of October,
had brunch with some friends today, very nice, indeed. 
 almost done with the first garment to my project. 
been thinking about my blog lately, don't now what to do with it..
I'm not thinking about deleting it, more like, how to "fresh it up a bit" 
My friend now me as "poetish", because I kinda am, maybe I should start showing that side of myself here to? Maybe, maybe not..


I awoke in a place of light

Tuesday the 2nd of October,
I'm feeling the illness, creeping closer and closer, but I do not have time for it nor am I in the mood for staying in bed al day doing nothing. started sewing on my project today, didn't go so well with the plastic and the broken needles and anger problems that followed