Where I come from you say things for being well informed

Monday's outfit, knitted sweater, docs and a loose collar.
it's been a busy week, lots of studying. more to be done..
watched Breaking Dawn pt 2 and got about 3 hours of sleep the night before I got my picture taken in school, but I was surprisingly efficient in tailoring class though


Waitin' for the night

Time for tailoring again today, hopefully I'll make some progress today.. 
no time for outfit pictures today or that much blogging..
I'll go strait from school to work
time to get ready 


These blod red eyes

The wool coat I'm working on in school, it not even close to being done yet..
I really love the fabric and the sleeves and some details as you can see are made out of fake leather
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous mohahah 


Today's outfit, wearing the trousers I made in school last spring. 
I'm loving my new bag, there's room for a huge amount of belongings in it, 
the dipdyed tee I bought a few weeks ago at topshop, love that one to, I love tee's especially grey  and white ones, the boring kind. and then I stumble across one that is both grey and white.. 
well a better stop writing, don't want to overload you guys with interesting facts all at ones..

To slow down the time

Not all of the photos have been edited yet, this one for examlpe
It's been a slow morning, first class doesn't start until 13.40,
think I will take the outfit photos before I go to school, it's dark outside when I get home 


Le flou Taille

Above you can see what I am to write about in my rapport
Vivienne Westwood, you now that extremely cool and ever so original and wonderful person, I'm gonna write about her company and of course about her!
She is one of the most outrageous, inspiring and awesome people in the fashion industry

Fashion is about getting naked

Wore all black, well and a light blue jacket but.. 
had tailoring in school and I did not get anything done.. and I really mean not a single thing..
I'm off to work fun fun fun


Are blood is cold and we're alone

Bought a new bag today, been searching for a good leather bag for a while now, and I saw this one a few weeks ago I think.. I wasn't sure so I didn't buy it, but today I just bought it on impulse but then again maybe not.. and the jacket I bought last week, it is gonna need a makeover though, do not care for the collar.. so that's a upcoming project of mine, then there is a picture of me with my project in the background and then the sketch I made Sunday afternoon, it will probably be the next thing I'll do in tailoring class. Since my teacher told me today that I need to start planning cause I'll have time for another garment this semester

I'm gonna run to you

Wore that top yesterday, just did not match it with my sweatpants, 
I'm probably going to start a remake of this coat I bought last week, but we'll see..
of to school!


Quiet as he goes

Exactly one year ago, 
ugh I got bangs and I think it took about 1,5 hour after I left the hairdresser until I realised that I regretted it, well anywho, I was to lazy to take outfit pictures today and other then that I didn't do much..
need to start on my rapport for school, but I haven't really decided what to write about yet, which is kinda vital if I am to start writing.. I do have another sewing project in the making, well multiple actually, but this time it's just for me and doesn't have any thing to do with school...
you'll see.

I'm up in the woods

this outfit is one of my favourites out of the collection, its a two piece suit made in fake suede, those pants are so tight it took us about 5-10 minutes to get them on hah.. my bad..
presently I'm getting ready for the first day of school after a well needed but not the slightest bit relaxing autumn break (I worked on my project everyday.) it's raining, biiig surprise. 


That you and I might end up together

more pictures from today, just before we went out, did all the styling myself.
well I did everything except modelling, it was really hard but I think I did a pretty good job on the makeup, was going for the typical 70ties rock make, blah blah blah.. 
and since a do not have that big of an interest in makeup and all that, I'm very pleased with my accomplishment. that's about it for now, 18 days left to write my rapport and prepare my accounting. Then it's time to hand it all in... oh god I can't wait, that feeling, when it's all over... well off to bed, started reading this really good book yesterday, it's called "Twilight". Have you heard of it?! ;)

The immortals

Some pictures from today, I'm really really really satisfied with the result, thank you again Matilda!
isn't she a beauty huh? I will probably post more pics later on, but for now this will do. I think the nature has something against us, or maybe just Matilda, since every time when we changed clothes it started to rain, and it's not like Sweden is a warm country to begin with.. but anyway. I'm so pleased and it feels so good to be done with it!


I've got news for you if you'ere born in the eighties

oh the happiness I feel when I can finally say, I am done!
with all the sewing at least, going to take photos of it all tomorrow
the look of the photos is inspired by the pics above 
I will probably show you guys some of the photos later on,


The body reveals its present, to cover for the soul that has fled

details from my project, its all coming together now, 
5 out of 9 completely done and I've started sewing on 2 new ones today, going in to go shopping for a zipper and a knitted ribbon tomorrow before I go skating with my sister and cousins. 



Found a bit of wonderful light in my oh so dark space

Had a lot of things done yesterday
did an exam, worked on my jeans, went to the embassy, had a half warm and half cold dinner
and went to the Topshop event, bought the top in the picture and another one


oh like I have the time to come up with a post title...

with only a month to go, time seems short
31 days left until my project is to be handed in and I've got 6 garments to finish, a photo shoot to take place, a rapport to be written and on top of that I've got to do all the preparations for India, and this thursday I'm going to the Indian embassy for some kind of dinner/presentation thingy. 
well I don't really have time for a daily update on the blog but I will try, after all we do have a week off from  school next week, and I will have a lot of time to work on my project so hopefully I will finish all of my garments rather quickly, oh wow I'm rambling


Nighttime wisdom

Oh the sun that shined so bright
only worrying about the monsters hidden in the darkness of night 
now the monsters are in my head
for sure I know, they were never underneath the bed
now the darkness consumes my thoughts,
life is not a happy mind 
oh how I wish I could leave it all behind


In the name of love unclear

Today, wore my most beloved knitted sweater,
worked on my project and now I am almost done with 3 out of 9 garments


Nothing Outside

Saturday the 6th of October,
had brunch with some friends today, very nice, indeed. 
 almost done with the first garment to my project. 
been thinking about my blog lately, don't now what to do with it..
I'm not thinking about deleting it, more like, how to "fresh it up a bit" 
My friend now me as "poetish", because I kinda am, maybe I should start showing that side of myself here to? Maybe, maybe not..


I awoke in a place of light

Tuesday the 2nd of October,
I'm feeling the illness, creeping closer and closer, but I do not have time for it nor am I in the mood for staying in bed al day doing nothing. started sewing on my project today, didn't go so well with the plastic and the broken needles and anger problems that followed


Shaken by the resistance

Wednesday, finished my jacket and sat on some babies mohahah!
watching the original "Pride and Prejudice" now