Party like a rock

I've gotten some partying done the latest week and my most fateful companion has been Elli, first picture is from 2 weeks ago and the other on is from Tuesday last week, went to the Armada society's banquette after party, it was fun we took a taxi home to Elli and then she made bacon and eggs for breakfast the morning after. very nice!


Why don't we go there

Crappy webcam pictures with crappy lighting, I have actually been a tiny bit productive today and taken a shower, and now I've gotta take take the dog out for a walk so that's something I guess. 
It took me about one hour to get dressed, and what did I end up wearing, that in the pictures and guess what more, that's right, leggings and fluffy socks (I have no idea if you actually guessed, or if you guessed right..) I've started practising my driving again and it's going quite good, dad thinks we should start practising more "delicate" (hehe, don't know why I thought that was funny, but I did) stuff, like parking, and those things. Interesting I know. shut up.

Fashion looking good and feeling fine

Bought these two books a while ago, it's a fashion guide for men and a book on creative design, though it was more like "this is how you draw a body" (that was said in a mocking tone) but it might be useful anyway, I've been a bit ill so when I haven't been working, eating or active on tumblr I have been sleeping, right now I'm in bed, in my pj's and it's 1 no plans on getting more productive than this today.


Old town

From H&M, these socks are literally the fluffiest and most comfortable socks ever!

From Zara, bought matching mittens for my beanie and a bag, 
So yesterday I met up with Annika, and we had lunch in old town, and then we took a stroll in some stores before we split up, had a buuuuurning throat the whole day yesterday and it's still present as we speak but a bit less painful. So now I'm at home feeling sorry for myself and just ate my first saffron bun for this Christmas season!



Two new drawings, these are made with charcoal pencils, the eye is made today, got bored and the body is not yet done, been working on that one for 5 days, well I haven't been worked on it 5 days straight.. you know what I mean.


So I don't think I've told you about my tumblr account.. It's mostly male models, feminist thoughts (or logical thoughts, whichever you prefer) but I'm a lot more active on tumblr, giving that I'm always on tumblr, always. But you know, check it out ---> obscurelyfab
ps. this post may look weird, but that's quite suiting giving it's about tumblr.


Göta Källare

So even though I've worked close to nothing this week, I have actually gotten out of the house a little bit. Had the interview Tuesday morning, we'll see how that goes.. it was a bit chaotic that morning.. and then my aunt came up here this weekend so on Wednesday I met up with her for lunch and then we took a stroll around town. Friday evening was a very cosy boardgames night at Elli's place. Then yesterday me and Elli got very spontaneous and decided to go out, ended up at Göta Källare with a couple of her friend. Oh and yet again I got fed up with a total dipshit of a guy... he smacked me on the bum so I punched him, got that disgusting smirk off his face


I Could Always....

here's a picture of me thinking about the meaning of life or something like that..
I'm very happy right now! got a job interview this Tuesday, and hopefully it will result in me having something to do! and moneeeey, I'll earn a decent amount of money!


My phone obsession started early

So I tried to draw myself as a kid, the drawing itself turned out quite good, it's not that much alike the picture I tried to copy, but it's a good start.. I'm not going to point out the bad parts, since usually people don't think about them as much as one might think. And I'm definitely not showing you the original picture! You just have to decide for yourselves what you consider to be the bad parts. You can also see that I've always had some kind of obsession with phones, though that one seems kind of lame in comparison to an iPhone..


Sketchy sketch sketching

 Here's a sketch I made on my way to London, I quite like it.. very pleased with the expression. I'm practising my male sketching skills, since I haven't done that as much as female it's a bit harder to do a quick sketch, that has the male characteristics. It's actually staring to pay off.. Now I just need to learn how to make realistic drawings.. I can't it's bloody impossible.. 

Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and a Sim

Here you go! I was in no state to blog yesterday.. I dressed up as Lady Gaga, though no one got it cause I chose one of her less famous outfits... But I got to spray my hair blue and that was fun except for my face, hands, neck, back and clothes turning blue as well..
Did a Mean Girls Karen and placed my hearts on the wrong side, but really it was Ellis fault, she painted them on my face. Gonna work today, probably, the weather is quite shitty so I might not have to. Only time will tell.
ps. This guy was in my space on the dance floor, bumping in to me all the time.. ended up with me pushing him away like three times before he got the hint, then he decided ha wanted to fight me.. This I didn't notice though since I was busy dancing. Idiots.. So this other guy just looked at him and started to slowly applaud me until this other guy gave up. ( I live for the applause ;) ) ds.