Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and a Sim

Here you go! I was in no state to blog yesterday.. I dressed up as Lady Gaga, though no one got it cause I chose one of her less famous outfits... But I got to spray my hair blue and that was fun except for my face, hands, neck, back and clothes turning blue as well..
Did a Mean Girls Karen and placed my hearts on the wrong side, but really it was Ellis fault, she painted them on my face. Gonna work today, probably, the weather is quite shitty so I might not have to. Only time will tell.
ps. This guy was in my space on the dance floor, bumping in to me all the time.. ended up with me pushing him away like three times before he got the hint, then he decided ha wanted to fight me.. This I didn't notice though since I was busy dancing. Idiots.. So this other guy just looked at him and started to slowly applaud me until this other guy gave up. ( I live for the applause ;) ) ds.

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