Well don't hang around, snatch'em

 Friday the 25th, got a really big summer vibe this morning, though I have had one for almost a week... but anyway! Dressed in all white and beige with colourful details I started working on my 2nd pair of trousers
good day today


Call me when you need me

Tuesday the 22nd, went to see Beckmans fashion show with Matilda, I was really good though a lot of the models walk reeeeeally weird!

This must be the place

Monday the 21st, dreamcatcher and summer heat
got to now the result of an old test and got a new job.. yet again I'm gonna babysit and this time it's actually a baby involved.


Bays keep swinging

Tried out some outfits for the "Toddlers and Tiaras" party I'm going to next week since the pink princess dress didn't close in the back, I have to choose between sailor/pilot and cowgirl... 
But I do really wanna go as a pink princess with 5 tons of sparkly sequins on the dress.. 
This Tuesday the 22nd I'm going with Matilda to Beckmans fashionshow
fun fun fun 


And I never met a Toby that I didn't like

Tuesday 15th, light colours and converse
went to school to start with a trip away from school and the we had design
working on a smaller project, I'm supposed to make at least 3 outfits inspired by Vikings, 
that had actually gone really well up until today.


I'm a 90's bitch, I don't care I love it

Monday the 14th, I surrounded myself with an awful amount of pink belongings
had a test in school and then I took a trip "down town" with Katarina
bought sweets and bleach


Do you like sushi? Of course you do, you're japanese!

Friday, went to see Dark Shadows with Matilda.
finished the remake and improvements of the pants. 
Got my Iphone this Thursday, but I can't start using it until the 16;th 
That sucks. 


Late night fashion show

Some pics from the fashion show, last two showing my corset and the trousers I made, not the best match or the best tailoring. The trousers that is, those I made in stress and it took me about 3 days..

Say after me; I'm free

it's been a while since my last update, sorry.
this is from this Tuesday, had our fashion show in school this Wednesday, it went really well and it's amazing how good you feel when the stress is gone.