Get drunk or get out

last Thursday, working on a pair of trousers in school,
been doing some work before the schools fashion show, it's a lot to do and I'm in the group that's supposed to make it all work in the end.. sort of..


When you said you felt so happy you could die

 Last Thursday's outfit,
sunny colours and light fabrics, it was a sunny day but a horrible one.. 
Promise I will get better at this.. updating and all that you know

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Monday, as in last week, it's springtime and as the days go brighter so does my clothes
it's been a lot in school lately, well a lot for the program I'm in. 


A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

just stopping by to say hey, my internet is still all fucked up and I'm about to die... big problems I know. taking of the other part of my braces on Monday.. right now I'm at my sisters place and doing my homework, fun fun fun fun! anyway I'm hoping to be back on track soon!


I'm a cloud drifting by

Tuesdays outfit
dentist and design
that's about it, internet doesn't work at my mom's house so don't expect to much