This old routine

I'm back home again after 3 weeks in Skåne, at the moment I'm unpacking just to pack 1/3 again. 
these upcoming weeks I'm gonna continue working with my project and write an applications for the India journey that 2 students from my program gets to go on sponsored by my school.
not really sure if I want to go, if I would be chosen,
that's about it for now!


Sings of forgotten things

from Friday the 6th, enjoining the schizophrenic weather here in skåne, it is now the middle of July and I have spent one, 1 day at the beach and taken 3 bathes in the ocean..
nice summer indeed.


Howlin' for you

1st of July, 1st outfit of the month and the 1st decent looking outfit this summer break..
tomorrow I'm leaving town for a location in the far away south.. of Sweden. 
well hopefully we will get going, been doing some work on my project for school, but not that much
yes I am willingly doing school work on my summer break