Shaken by the resistance

Wednesday, finished my jacket and sat on some babies mohahah!
watching the original "Pride and Prejudice" now


If you're going to trust anyone, trust the ones who like big buts... they can not lie

Tuesday the 25th of September, 
woke up in darkness today, I'm not happy about this....
I do not like the dark times of the year, not as in depressed days, more like days with no sunlight or light at all for that matter.. well anyhow wore my new "paint slashed" pants and worked on my project most of the day.

School days

Sneak peak, wearing my new trousers and my current location is school, been working on my project up until half an hour ago!


A different kind of fix

Monday the 24th of September
Well hello!! Have I said that I'm going to India?! for 2-3 weeks next spring?!
Well I am! I am one of 2 maybe 4 students from my program that gets to go to India, we'll visit one of H&M's factories and an Indian design school and H&M's head office in India. I am sooo happy and exited! 
So today Monday, I got to school about 9, to have a meeting about our India adventure and then I work on my collection and stuff! 


Lights out, words gone

A cosy outfit for about 2,5 hours of school, consisting of tailoring and then fabric shopping for le project and the jacket I'm gonna do next in school!
now: homework, homework and homework.. it's going to be one hell of a friday, oh yes indeed



 Thursday the 20st of September, 
my life is a big bag of stress! I have until the 22nd of November to finish my project, it's a small collection, 5 outfits 9 garments, and as if that wasn't enough I need to make this huuuge rapport also


The facts of life

Today, Wednesday the 5th of September
had tailoring all day in school, we're working on white jackets
it really makes you paranoid and a neat freak!

Simple as that

yesterday, worked on my project, had my first exam and went to the gym
good day, good day