Draping and shaping

The dress that I made in school last Friday. Right now it's just a toile but I'm thinking about making it in to an actual dress. It's all made from scratch, on the mannequin, and it was really fun to just "think outside the box" and how easy it was to create a garment from nothing. 


Hard work, every day, all day

From earlier this week, 
had draping classes all day yesterday, so fun! I'm gonna show you what I worked on later on today
Now I'm off to Ellinor to work on our presentation of our trip India on Wednesday 


The Arabian Nights

Today's outfit
After 3 days of constant snowing the sun finally shined again
Yesterday we had tailoring all day, I started working on my graduation dress, and at home I continued to work on my costume for our graduation party, they always have a theme and ours is "The Arabian Nights." 
I'm gonna be a desert, it's gonna be awesome

Oh! What the devil is this?! I'm back

Heeeey! I'm back!
Since I last updated we have had a bloody freezing winter and it's not even warm now, I have also been to India ( as you might have suspected, giving the picture)
NOW I'm back in school after a 8 weeks long internship at Gant, 2 weeks in New Delhi India ( awesome trip!!) and a 1 week mid-semester break from school. Since I went to India with my school during the original break, I got compensated last week ( awesome). So 1 week left in school before spring break.