Pics from this friday, got some patterns done, working on a dungaree skirt/dress at the moment so the last pic is the inspiration pic I used for the pattern, my fateful partner in crime was as always there to keep me company ( aka disturb me by being cute and cuddly) 
it's almost done, but of course my machine decided to fuck up when I had approximately 5 seams left, that's always nice.


Patent leather light as a feather

 The skirt I finished last week, a bit oversized, flounce and in patent leather. 
Super easy to sew since I didn't have to overlock or anything 

September 19th

 All black thats how I do it these days, autumn has acually arrived and it's quite cozy, though not the rain if you have to go outside.. Worked for a bit and did some patterns and then I FREAKING BOOKED MY TRIP TO LONDON TO VISIT MATILDA AND IDA!! Three weeks to go!! 
I'm so excited I can't even..

September 23rd

Today's outfit, this is the best autumn in years, sunny days but a bit chilly.. Also known as the hashtag sweater weather, and if you didn't notice I wore a coloured sweater today.. hence an outfit that wasn't all black! Got some pattern making done today, a very good day, indead, I must say it was truly wonderfull 

September 28th

My blingbling top and mom's trousers. Got some tailoring done and drank about 10 too many cups of coffee. Pictures taken in my bedroom, did I ever tell you about my obsession with decorating? I have now, there you go 


September 5th

I must say that I love my new shoes! Suede and faux crocodile leather it could not be better, and to top it off they're soooo comfortable! That about as interesting as my day gets, worked for a few hours, worked out and now I'm working again 

September 18th

An outfit, allblack as always 
Finished a patent leather skirt and worked, that's about it


September 4th

Hi, had a day of today so I decided to get some shopping done. Best decision of my life, Obama is in sweden for the first time (and is a Wednesday) so the streets of stockholm were quite empty, and as were the stores! Awesome since I despise people, seriously whats wrong with them?! 
Shoes from Urban Outfitters, bling bling tee from Topshop and the super cozy beanie from Zara.   
And an outfit pic, you're welcome *Sadie voice* 


September 3rd

I'm a bit confused at the moment, don't really know what I am to do this coming year. But as for now, I'm spending my days exercising, working and doing close to nothing. Think I might get trapped in the much dangerous pitch black abyss, that is laziness. The radio is playing "best song ever" GOT TO GO!!