I'm sleepy now. get out..

been pissed all day.. don't know why, guess I just had a bad day



Tuesday, but to day it's Thursday and I'm going to go and watch some hockey tonight
been sewing on my corset all day and it's about done


Stone cold shit, man.

details from Monday's outfit, I'm back from Umeå, the town one of my sisters study in and the location my other sisters kidnapped me to, I had super fun, but I must say that I still do not like small towns nor the north and all the cold.. and snow,  ugh.


When they see me walking around

Thursday, mathematics, meeting and trying on and working on my corset, bought chocolate on my way home and my mom bought a car.. gonna go and get some exercise soon
tomorrow I'm going of to an unknown destination, that should be fun..


The end of time

Wednesday, Simple with basic colours and a splash of pink and green, the pink in the form of my mom's old 70's sunglasses and the green belt found this Monday!
today we can finally welcome spring to this cold country, 13 degrees ( Celsius) and sunshine

Let us die young, or let us live forever

Tuesday, the new bag mixed with a white tee and brown pants
finished watching "Tristan and Isolde" and continued working on our bag project


So give me coffee and tv, history

some additions for my closet, a new bag, 2 basic tee's and the 2 belts that I found in the basement this afternoon! otherwise I had a calm but extremely weird day.. 


Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavement

tried out my new pencils that I got for my b-day, above you can see the result..
been a lazy weekend but I did get some things done in my room. 
next weekend I have no idea what I'm doing, literally NO IDEA as in my sister in abducting me to an unknown destination that everyone seems to now what it is except me.. so I'll let you know when I know


Open up your heart

 Friday, continued working on my shorts and drank a lot of coffee, that's about it for now, gonna work later tonight as well as tomorrow morning!

I wanna settle down

Thursday, started doing the "practise" shorts in school and stayed in school for about 2 hours after we ended to work on my corset but I didn't get that much done..


Now you're just somebody that I used to know

sunshine and a sunny jacket, warm weather always make me happy, though I was super tired in school.. 
felt lake a real hipster today but I kinda liked it!

Alabama arkansas

found this jacket in my basement this weekend, it's yellow and it's a jeans jacket, I love it!
I'm wearing it today, just don't know how yet... we'll see..


Little darling sing with me

Saturday, found a pair of light green pants and fell in love, the moment my camera comes up my dog is glued to me, she will not be anywhere but right beside me, started the day with work and ending it with the club, just so I can work tomorrow again

The artist

Friday, black and green
almost finished my corset, saw "The Artist", amazing that's all I'm saying, 
drank lots of coffee, and ate a lot of chocolate


Right to the bone

bought these yesterday on my way home after the gym, long and wide and they were so cheap that I bought 2 one of each colour

 bought this today, for the skirt I'm trying to put together again and 2 pairs of colourful socks, blue and turquoise

Oh no she can't explain

had math and the we where supposed to do some research for our "mini project" so we went to the city library, but it didn't give us anything so we went shopping!
 gonna show you what i bought later! 


Got let you down

this used to be a leather skirt until I decided to make it into a pile of leather instead
trying to put the pieces together again but it's not going so well...
well now you know what I'm up to! 

Life on mars

 bought this last week, just löve the shoes! wore them Saturday night when I went out!
a few of the things I got for my birthday, got some money and I've got more gifts to come!
the last pic I got from my oldest sister, I'm the youngest of 4, so that's me the tiny one