I've waited a hundred years, but I'd wait a million more for you.

the last shirt I made in school, oh how I miss it!
but what can you do, I send a message for my teacher to help me with my internship
so I'm just hoping for it to get better soon! 
yesterday one of my dogs got attacked, so he needs to be taken extra cared of, poor baby! 
time for bed

... blackout

this is from the 14:th, the day before I went to London 
(sorry for the London obsession, but I can't help it. London rocks!!)
last time I wore those shoes, the heel is just to thine for me, I like them to be more sturdy and stout!
today some of my relatives is coming over for "advetsfika" haha some coffee and saffron buns in other words.. 


Lon the don

London, London, London
shopping, coffee and just a lot of FUN
Going back there in about a year, but I'll tell you some of the things we did this time
Walked through Hyde park every morning, before the morning cup of coffee at Starbucks
Went to the Breaking Dawn Premier, saw Taylor, Kristen and Rob (2:nd time haha!)
took a Big bus tour and saw a real fight haha (first class seats) and the man looking for a job!
visited Harrods, with their puppies and The Harry Potter store, they had Bellatrix Lestrange costume and the Gryffindor sword actually used in the movies


Sitting pretty, uptightly

oh hello there!
since my cold broke out in London, I have been waaay to tired to blog or do anything other then watch the first 5 Harry Potter movies
and to make matters worse I started my internship today, folding clothes for 8 ½ hours straight made me realize how much I looove school! Only 6 weeks left...
I promise that I will get better at blogiging, but right now I just need to get used to my new routines..


If only

first 4 pics from weheartit.com 
5:th me right now, getting ready for schuuul
tomorrow I'm going to LONDON! 


When they fight, they fight

Friday, I had tailoring all day, i didn't get much done though..
time for a shower and then it's time to get fabulous! ha ha 

Seven devils

Thursday, Worked on my next shirt in school and wore my cozy sweater from forever21, ate thai food and my first saffron bun for the year!

A sky of diamonds just for us

Pic 1. Bought new fabrics I had a 20% discount!
2 & 3. Got bakc to school after the break and the hard work continued 
4. My dads girlfriend made that sweater, I Love it! (Wednesdays outfit)
5 & 6. what I'm working on i school
7-9. And the hard work in school continues again, some vintage patterns, Elsa with her awesome ½ black, ½ white shirt and Matilda in the middle of ironing her shirt.