I used to think the past was dead and gone

And finally todays outfit! 
went to the dentist today, tightened my braces, it's gonna start hurting soon so I'm eating all I can right now! 
almost done with my little secret in school by now, but today was a really bad day! I didn't get anything done.. got kinda pissed by it hehe


Will our leader tell us why

The outfit of yesterday, I was soooooo tired! 
had to work during the afternoon also, by work I mean watching Tv and eating ha ha 

Coming soon; Nothing

I know I haven't been "active" in my blog lately, so I'm making up for it now!
Monday I looked like this! If I ought to be honest I only liked the socks hehe


Once is better than a lifetime

Since I have nothing better to do until I need to start getting ready I'm showing you my ever so fabulous lunch,
I'm almost done with my little secret in school by the way, only need to solve the problem with the buttons!
So help me cause I really can't decide!

The undisclosed desires in your heart

Ha ha I just love the 1:st picture with the quote! 
and then we get to the point of this post, I can't decide what kind of buttons I should use! Help please?!
today I'm gonna hang out with my classmates and eat crayfish, yum yum, I don't know what to call it we have a word for it in swedish, also we're a bit late to do it, you're suppose to have these kind of parties in august, better late than never!


Tried to make a difference

Today I wore the knitted sweater my mom was working on the day she met my day (aaaw) ha ha, 
I don't like autumn, it's cold and dark, ugh! And it's raining all the time! 
but I'm not gonna complain, after the rain it comes the sunshine, right

In the starlight

Hung out with Lykke Li all day yesterday, the outfit looked a bit like this, wore my Lykke Li t-shirt
felt kinda boyish, I liked it.. kept on working hard in school as always! (Duh) 


We are the young and wild still

The outfit for today,
wore that skirt I made not to long ago, had design today in school
fun fun fun, I decided that I need to find my old watercolors and start using them again!


It's not a silly little moment

A few details from yesterdays outfit, 
right now I'm enjoying a cup of tea and some frozen mango, later I'm gonna go to a yoga class, I've never tried yoga before so I hope I won't make a fool out of myself


The sound of silence

Yesterdays outfit
saw the movie "Friends with benefits" with Matilda and Ida Ho (Idaho hahaha), it was funny and ended like every other movie made 


All we ever do is say goodbye

this is all I can show you of what it is I'm doing in school, secret you know! 
I also have to point out that the pictures where taken 5 minutes before lunch.. 
he he he 

Rather live out a lie then live wondering

the outfit today, the outfit that made me feel like a hippie, I love it!
I even got some exorcise today! Good for you Glen Coco!


I wanna be with you everywhere

Fur Jacket SEK 995, Rebecca Stella For Nelly - NELLY.COM
I just looove this jacket from nelly.com, but I don'n know what to do, you think I'll regret it? 
I'm seriously in love, but I don't know..
when we're still at it, some of the other things i want right now is:

Moon Dress SEK 1695, Stylein - NELLY.COM
Miranda Maxi Dress SEK 599, Jarlo - NELLY.COM
Isabel Slit Sleeve Dress SEK 399, Awear - NELLY.COM
 All of it is from nelly.com 
I want a LOT of other things to but it's to much to write about.. hehe
tomorrow I have tailoring all day in school, that always puts me in a good mood!
oh by the way, I made it out of the woods today, but we did get lost if thats what you would call it, no but we didn't find the controls (is that what you call it? I'm a bit lost in that particular area) 2 times, hahaha.


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

The remains of a storm came to Stockholm this afternoon, I have to tell you that it wasn't easy taking these pictures, almost falling over because of the wind, trying to look not so dumb and weird while having your hair all over you face.. that's all I had to say today, tomorrow we have orientation in school so I will run around in sweatpants all day while I get lost in the woods haha. That also means no outfit pictures, (buhu) I won't look to fabulous! 


Don't let it fool you, down..

The outfit for today, it rained almost the whole day, I was lucky when I took these pictures. 
Well I need to go over to my sisters place and take care of her plants, how fun.. I have a tendency to kill every plant that comes near my, hope thats not the case now, hehe..

But I'll be true to you

Made this skirt at home this weekend, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.
bought the fabric last week at Ohlsson. Will see what I'm gonna do next, all I know is that I seem to be in a purple phase!


The world as we know it will never be the same

the picture has nothing to do with this.
As we all know today is September 11th 2011, it's a day of sorrow, even for me.
I can't say I remember it, or that i knew anyone who died that day, but I can imagine the pain of the ones who lost someone. I've watched the ceremony they had at ground zero today on the TV, when the relatives read the victims name and little messages for them. tears filled my eyes every time. 
I usually don't write about things like this, but I felt like this was something you can't ignore. 

My heart was freaking out when I held ya

some more of my inspiration for the project we're going to start working on next semester i school
I can't wait, I already know exactly what I'm gonna do and when Matilda and I where at Ohlssons earlier this week they had all these amazing new fabric. I just wanted to buy them all at once!


Memory of your arms

yesterdays outfit
for those of you who wonder why I'm writing in english it's because my reader are mostly from other countries, so it seems pointless to write in swedish, thats why.
In school I have now started working on my first shirt. I won't show any pictures of it, well first of all; I don't have any and second; it's a secret, you see. 
the possibility of me showing pictures of today outfit are also very small, I'm currently wearing sweatpants and it's not that pretty!