I wanna be with you everywhere

Fur Jacket SEK 995, Rebecca Stella For Nelly - NELLY.COM
I just looove this jacket from nelly.com, but I don'n know what to do, you think I'll regret it? 
I'm seriously in love, but I don't know..
when we're still at it, some of the other things i want right now is:

Moon Dress SEK 1695, Stylein - NELLY.COM
Miranda Maxi Dress SEK 599, Jarlo - NELLY.COM
Isabel Slit Sleeve Dress SEK 399, Awear - NELLY.COM
 All of it is from nelly.com 
I want a LOT of other things to but it's to much to write about.. hehe
tomorrow I have tailoring all day in school, that always puts me in a good mood!
oh by the way, I made it out of the woods today, but we did get lost if thats what you would call it, no but we didn't find the controls (is that what you call it? I'm a bit lost in that particular area) 2 times, hahaha.

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