Speaking of costumes

In honour of Halloween, here's a picture of one my favourite costumes. Me and Matilda dressed up as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, as if that wasn't obvious.. The theme was "Something that starts with the first letter of your name" It was awesome, but it got quite hot with the wig, so later on I transformed into Hermione.


OH MY I forgot these two lovely pieces! A super fluffy onesie, with a faux fur hoodie with ears and a fluffy tail in the back, that one is not that comfortable though.. and, And my Bazinga! t-shirt. I mean what more could you ask for in this life? 


October 30

Today's outfit, met up with Ellinor, had some coffee and then we did some shopping for this friday, I'm so pumped!!! I love dressing out, It's gonna be awesome! I'll take pictures, promise!


My shopping at H&M the other day, very satisfied with all of it. Don't know why I haven't bought a hair doughnut before.. and as I told you before the dust on my shelf is because of Halloween, not because I'm lazy.



In honour of Halloween I've decorated my room with black candles and a pumpkin lantern and a ruin one... and I have also left dust on my furniture to create a scarier feeling, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. tooOodelooOoo

London Shopping


Urban Outfitters 

Miss Selfridges

River Island

There you have it, I did buy some male fashion magazines, regret that I didn't buy more of those.. Sweden does not have the best selection of fashion magazines for men.. Think we have like two different ones and well they're not exactly high fashion.. it's a shame really.. 


Blinged out that's what it's all about

I did some shopping today, a blinged out beanie and velvet leggings, I did also buy a doughnut for my hair and hair oil. Right now I'm updating my phone, haven't been able to do that earlier since I have too much music on my phone. It's taken forever and I feel my phone addicted self starting to break down. (Might also be that I haven't had dinner yet... hard to tell)

*Warning* this post may contain rubbish

So this is me one week ago, interesting indeed. Worked on a knitted shirt, I wasn't knitting. I've bought a knitted fabric. Can't knitt, well I can but I don't have the patience for it, and I'm not a professional knitter, my skills include knitting something fairly straight. like a scarf. Well this was a complete rubbish post, but that's life sometimes, rubbish.
Life eh?


You're welcome

soo, if this turns out looking like shit, I blame my computer.. I can't see what I'm doing, just have to put my trust in the preview. So I haven't been up to much lately, I've sewn a shirt, and worked for a bit. Gonna show you all of what I bought in London, someday, in the nearest future. The pics are obviously from London, was going to take the typical phone booth + tourist = cliché-picture, but holy shit it reeked sooooooo much, imagine putting your head in a toilet filled with piss and then you let someone take a piss straight into your nose.. then it's getting quite close to how that smelled. 
nice image isn't it?


Frozen yoghurt makes a beautiful ending

Monday started with me getting up with Matilda before she left for work, to have a coffee and say goodbye, I'll see her around Christmas next time, probably won't go back to London until January.
Then when Ida got up a bit later we got ready and went to this breakfast place that's just around the corner from them, where Robert Pattinson has been, they had signed pictures and all. (Not that I care...) We walked around, found some really cute places in the neighbourhood, took some pictures, I wanted to take pictures on the red buses, of course all the buses dissapeared when I took out my camera... For like 10 minutes.. Then we finished the day off with frozen yoghurt, and it was freaking amazingly delicious!

We took a left turn and ended up in the right place

The last outfit in London, oversized and comfortable, we walked around for a bit and just enjoyed the British weather (not very different from Sweden, just a bit warmer!) I bought a pair of shoes at Zara, I'll show you all of my purchases later on. 


Bella Italia

For our Saturday dinner we decided to go to a restaurant called Bella Italia
I think the best part was the dessert, a cookie dough chocolate lava cake, dear lord it was delicious!
took some pictures on the way home and then we just relaxed and hung out.

big big Big Ben

Photos from Sunday's adventures, I decided that I wanted to be a real tourist this time, not just walk up and down Oxford Street. I wore my new dungarees from Miss Selfridges, and my favourite beanie from Zara. I'll try too get better at updating, but I can't promise anything!