Remain nameless and live without shame

the last shirt I made in school before we started our internship, took it with me home today, really like this model, think I'm gonna make more of these in other colors and materials, this one was actually a toile ( a kind of test garment, u make the garment in another fabric to see if u need to have any changes made in the pattern) but I of course forgot the pattern at home and only remembered to take my toile with me...

Never gonna fall for modern love

Spent most of today looking like this, Felt the crave for candy on my way home from school but I managed to resist it, instead I bought cottage cheese and dark chocolate, yum (cause you care sooo much.) 


One of us gonna die young

Pics of my day, the sun plopped up so I had to "capture the moment" since it's not so usual in January, started cutting out the pieces for my green corset, and had loads of fun as alway in tailoring!
Even tough it's friday today I've got to go to school tomorrow for 3 hours cause it's an open day or whatever it's called for students thinking about applying... great, excellent really just... super
the good part is that I get to work on my corset!

I got lost in a misdirection

outfit, felt kinda colorful and felt kinda sick of my boots to be honest. need to get me some new shuuuuz ASAP... 


There are some wounds that just can't mend

 the outfit for today, injured one of my toes yesterday haha so no heels for me for a while... I've been waiting for 6 weeks and then I can't wear any because of my stupid toe...
lovely lunch hours, ELLE, Vouge and sketching, after school Alex (matildas new nick name) and I went and bought fabric for our corsets, time for some sleep


I think I'm breaking down again

the shoes right on the top of my "got to get" list, I'm gonna buy 'em as soon as my salary comes!