I wanted water but I walked to the fire

Thursday, wore the shorts I made with fake leather details 
had a lot, a lot of classes in school, seriously it was like 4 different classes in the same day..


We are shining, and we will never be afraid again

Monday the 27nd, got my salary and bought shoes
went to school, dressed in the dress I made for new years eve, and a cozy sweater
that's about it


Just a matter of time

2nd day of school, and first day with classes.
It started raining, and I mean really raining.. on my way home. got totally soaked.
tomorrow I've got tailoring all day


The dog days are over

Pic 1: First Aid Kit 
Pic 2: Justin Vernon, Bon Iver 
Had an amazing time at Way Out West!
Awesome music and friends, and the donuts, aaah I'm drooling like Homer...

To school for cool

The look of the day, Wednesday the 22nd of August
started school today, last year! It's gonna be epic! 
I'm gonna try to start updating my blog a bit more regularly. promise. 
Going to the gym later and then maybe, who knows, I'll update when I get home again!


Way out freaking West!

Tuesday the 7th of august. 
Well hello there, just applied for the India trip my school does every year and now I'm about to start packing because tomorrow morning I' leaving for...
 Gothenburg and WAY OUT WEST! 
I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuper exited and it's gonna be awesome! 
Florence and the machine 
The black keys 
Bon Iver 
and many many many many more!